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The Divine Love Healings

a gift from Divine Mother


Listen to this healing seated comfortably or lying down.
Close your eyes and enjoy.

Just You, Just Me

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We connect in this way to be with our Mother Divine. We settle inward to know our true Self. There is Wholeness everywhere. But we start with the most obvious place, and this place is right here. See?

If we find any tension in the body, we don’t mind it. See if we can let it go.

This is a time of giving ourselves permission to be divine. So we just settle in very sweetly — just you and Me.

The physiology is so used to the experience of the mind running the show. So we allow this time for the physiology to enjoy a different kind of management.

My Wholeness spontaneously heals all things. For what is an ailment but a limited experience of Wholeness? So we let this Wholeness in to play. Wholeness always moves at the perfect pace. Never too slow — certainly never too fast.

In this time, give Me permission to penetrate and love every fiber of the being… every fiber of our sacred physiology. And if there is some discomfort in the physiology then we view it as an opportunity for it to dance with Me.

Nothing is more powerful than the realization that ‘I am Divine Mother; I am the God I pray to or love everyday.’

So we take this time, this very sacred time. And in this sacred time we see what our Wholeness does. There is no trying, no effort. Nothing except the gentle intention that our divinity run the show.

I promise I am the perfect manager for you. I know the physiology. I know every aspect of this infinite physiology. So let us be together now… just you, just Me.

And perhaps, the differences between us will dissolve. We allow for that possibility, we are open to that possibility — yes? It’s good to be open to that possibility.

Don’t be afraid of being Master of the Universe. It’s a lot of fun! And the beautiful thing is, you will be given the keys to the car at the perfect time. It’s so much fun.

In the meantime, we work with the physiology and we work with the mind, understanding that both the mind and the physiology — they bow down to the Self in service. For it is only then that the mind and physiology experience their full potential, which is so marvelous.

And lastly, we are patient with the physiology, patient with the mind.

Master of the Universe is a big job… in title at least. In truth, it requires no effort. What the body experiences now, what the mind experiences now, it is perfect.

So here we settle into our silence, our own divine dance. And it’s a good dance to do as often as we want to. Perfect. We settle into what our experience is now, which I promise you is perfect.

We have removed the walls now. We are open to love. My love.

And this blessed silence begins.

Let’s continue this perfect unfoldment together, as long as you wish.

Really, as long as you wish. We let Wholeness unfold as it will. This is good.

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