Podcast 1: The Story of Consciousness

So much of our capabilities, so much of what consciousness is capable of, is currently obscured and limited by the inaccurate stories that we tell about ourselves and tell about consciousness, and the nature of consciousness, and the structures of life — specifically human consciousness.

And in order for us to be able to have a vision of what we are capable of it’s very necessary to investigate more deeply, and then to tell ourselves more accurate stories of what it is to be human, what it is to be conscious.

There is a wide-held story, and as I tell this story, see if you can see. Because a part of the purpose of telling the story is to open those doorways, those portals, those avenues within one’s own nervous system — reorient the circuitry — so that we begin to see who we are and what we are.

This wide-held perspective, this wide-held story of consciousness, is, on Earth, told by the sacred traditions. It is told by the old and esoteric traditions, and it has been lost in recent times.

And with that loss has come the insertion of a ceiling, and therefore a profound limitation in what we think we are and what we think we are capable of. And therefore we live that out, we act it out. As a race, our ceiling has been lowered.

It’s very helpful to have a deeper understanding of life (of consciousness, of what God is, of what our relationship with the Divine is) and what our relationship with the multidimensional cosmos is.

So again the purpose in this is to allow a restructuring, an alignment to take place. For there to be a seeing with deeper parts of the consciousness rather than just an agreement or disagreement on the level of concept and intellect. It’s a constant invitation to the deeper awareness, to the heart, to the body, to remember.

So this wide-held perspective: as I said it’s anchored here on Earth. It’s reflected here in the sacred traditions, in the commonalities of the holy and esoteric traditions around the world, again and again coming to the same multidimensional perspective of the nature of life and the connectivity of human life and earthly life with the cosmos.

But this perspective doesn’t originate here. It’s just reflected here. Just like the light of the moon doesn’t originate from the moon, it originates from the sun. So this perspective is actually anchored very deeply throughout the cosmos in countless civilizations throughout time and space.

This is a deeply spiritual perspective. It has been discovered again and again and again and again, by races of beings awakening to their consciousness, and doing so in a somewhat isolated manner, evolving in a planetary environment or similar environment and coming to observe the nature of consciousness and the nature of being itself when it’s awake, as Love.

This has been done in these isolated environments sometimes, and it has also been discovered through sharing, through emissaries, through a cosmic order of associated beings. And so this knowledge (whether it is uncovered within the structures of the self, in new consciousness — that is consciousness becoming conscious in a planetary environment — a new race, or, this knowledge being shared, given, emissaries from one dimension to another), it’s beautiful knowledge, it’s the knowledge of love.

It is universal. It is everywhere — in all dimensions, in all domains of the universes (at least according to this knowledge it is!). And this knowledge, or perspective, or understanding of the nature of being, the nature of life, if it were appropriate to say so, we would call it an oral tradition, not a written tradition, because an oral tradition is closer to living and breathing.

The purpose of the knowledge is to awaken embodiment and draw all beings deeper into their heart and into that universal perspective of love and care for their local environment, but also the universal environment.

And I distinguish that it is more of an oral tradition, more of a shared tradition on the level of resonance, than it is written, because it’s what is referred to in some places as “The Book of Gabriel”. And this term, aspects of it, have remained lively in certain traditions. And it goes by many names. But that’s the name that has been given here. Gabriel is known as an emissary of the Divine. And so it’s appropriate to call it a Book of Gabriel, because in other words, it’s a collection of understanding from the perspective of Divine Love. But it’s easier to call it Book of Gabriel than “Collective of Understanding from the Perspective of Divine Love”.

And this collection of knowledge requires no allegiance. It is not a religion in the human sense — certainly nothing to start any wars over. It’s a very accommodating, deeply diverse, and diversely expressed perspective. It could be said that the teachings of Christ, the teachings of Buddha, the teachings of countless saints and sages throughout numerous cultures, that the underlying commonality of it is this knowledge, this living embodiment (ideally) of love in the heart, as the heart, and as the expression of life.

So many races of beings in the higher planes — it’s not that they pledge allegiance to this perspective, or to this so-called “Book”. It’s rather that they are a living allegiance to it. We don’t have a lot of examples in human civilization, in recorded history, of love effectively being expressed in numerous cultures, and that love expressing itself as appreciation and celebration of other cultures. Human consciousness at this stage of evolution is more tribal, and in these higher states of vibration in the cosmos, that tribalism is something that becomes more universal.

We are starting here with this collective body of knowledge (this shared resonancy framework, these frequencies) because it’s very important to understand your higher self, understand your Divine nature, that as Divinity becomes (at least according to this collective understanding) as Divinity becomes, as all possibilities of infinite source consciousness evolve through the universe, these all possibilities become the highest possibilities — the highest possibilities being that which naturally upholds, blesses, and supports all possibilities. And we call that Divinity. The Divine. The Divine is not all possibilities, the Divine is the highest possibilities selected from all possibilities.

And what do we call the qualities of these highest possibilities? Well, we know them in our heart, we know them as virtues: as love, compassion, care, freedom, freedom of choice. And the management of the potential paradoxes and contradictions within these virtues, of for example, unconditional love with unconditional freedom. Sometimes it can appear that love might want to protect, and at the same time a being might need the choice of free will, that that is more loving. And so there is an apparent contradiction, or paradox in this set of Divine virtues. We call all of this management of Divine Love: God, or Divine Mother, or the personification of how Love consciousness (how fully awake consciousness) takes care of its own (her own, his own) creation.

Understanding that The Book of Gabriel is not a book, and understanding that Gabriel is not standing for Christianity, or Judaism, or the associations we have with that name, but rather these are stand-in words to point to something universal. The point is that the underlying sacred infrastructure of the holy traditions on Earth are not just localized to Earth, they are throughout time and space, they are in the higher dimensions as well as the lower dimensions. And this perspective is not only about teaching. It is about healing. And it is about technologies of consciousness — technologies of consciousness that leverage (as any technology does leverage) the medium (in this case consciousness) to create amplified change (in this case evolution).

And so there are many projects, many applications of technologies of consciousness throughout the cosmos. And one of these projects is focused on awakening human beings, or awakening the most advanced form of consciousness within an environment, say a planetary environment. And here on Earth we would say it’s human beings, at least in this dimension.

The focus of these projects, or this project, is supporting the awakening of this most advanced consciousness in a localized environment (here, humanity, human beings), by mediating and then amplifying essentially the most enlightening frequencies of the cosmos as available to those beings. And almost always it comes through the environment that the beings reside within. So what that means is, human beings for example are a part of a greater environment or ecology. This ecology is a part of the wholeness of the planet, in this case Earth or Mother Earth.

This environment is largely responsible, the wholeness of this environment, is largely responsible for the evolution of the consciousness within that environment. So a human-centric view would say that human beings are rapidly evolving and gaining mastery over the environment, but an environment or ecology-centric view would say that human beings are not outside of the environment, that they are within a part of a greater networked environment or ecology. And that is a more accurate perspective.

So there is a way to support individual consciousness (say an individual human being) and a way to support the collective consciousness of those beings (in this case humanity). And it is in the relationship of the governing local consciousness, the governing ecology, that human beings, or any being and their local ecology, are a part of.

This is a very common project of these ascended beings, these beings that are intending to be in alignment with divine love and divine will. And the similarities of the dynamics of human beings and human consciousness on Earth, because nature builds Herself in patterns, the similarities are quite strong in the higher dimensions. It’s not that they are the same because it’s more complex and evolved. But in the same way that different cultures on Earth interact and learn from each other, it is also that way in the multidimensional cosmos. There is not one absolute consensus of what the divine is and what God is, but there is a general consensus. Just as there is in circles of awakening on Earth, you’ll find similarities in the holy traditions—in apparently separated traditions, geographically and culturally, you’ll find commonalities. The same thing in the cosmos.

And so these sets of projects, these applications, its not just teaching, it’s not just healing, that the Book of Gabriel, that this universal perspective, that the ascended masters hold, these ascended beings from so many traditions from so many places, not just from Earth. This care, this love, that is the essence of the collective of all of these beings (the collective consciousness of all of these beings) is care, is love. It is not just about healing, teaching, it is also about other applications of technologies of consciousness.

And as I said, one of these projects has to do with the mediation and application of the most enlightened frequencies of (in this case) a planet with her cells (we could say an ecology with the most developed form of consciousness within that ecology). Similar to how in your own physiology, in a human physiology, there are countless cells and forms of cells, but there are certain dynamics within the nervous system that could be called the most advanced or evolved elements of human physiology. So in that way, human beings are an advanced, evolved form of mother earth’s physiology.

This is taking place. Here on Earth we call it the Crystal Earth Initiative. Crystals have been used as a central pillar of this technology. Crystals, similar to other forms like gold, repeat themselves in terms of essence, throughout multiple dimensions. So gold is valued here on Earth, not only for many of its remarkable properties and its rarity, but also, unbeknownst to most human beings, because gold, like breath, can travel between dimensions, (or its vibrational density is multidimensional), gold is the same in multiple domains of the cosmos. And crystals are similar. Here, crystals in the most simple form, they have to do with geometric molecular structures that have certain properties. And it’s not that quartz crystal is universal. It’s quartz crystal is a feature of this dimension in mother earth. It is a beautiful expression of crystalline capability. So quartz is a very, very fine medium for this purpose.

And quartz crystal is, according to the ascended masters, has many properties not well understood by modern sciences (certainly, like geology for example), similar to how the nervous system has many properties not well understood by biology or, for that matter, even neuroscience.

So these crystals are one of the pillars of this project that repeats itself and has repeated itself throughout the cosmos. And the way in which it’s even repeated itself here on Earth, there is a long history that I think is only best remembered because we don’t have a lot of physical evidence for it right now. There’s a long history of the usage of crystalline technology to activate certain doorways or gateways to dimensional realities, other places, and to receive and gain knowledge through this. So it’s not that all crystal usage by ancient societies is exactly in accordance with what we’re aiming to do here. Not at all.

What we’re aiming to do here with the Crystal Earth Initiative, and ultimately with the Mahavakya Temples, is a very specific prescriptive creation for humanity at this time on Earth. For example, in other applications (other dimensions, other worlds) it’s no problem for the beings that are working with the technology to interact in a very intimate and direct way with the technology (with the crystal for example, with the generators).

Here on Earth there are certain guidelines, or rules, that are being strongly advised, because human consciousness is not unprecedented, but relatively unusual in its capacity for extreme violence (and what we would call ignorance in the form of evil), and transcendent and unbounded universal love (what we would call enlightenment). And it’s often the same nervous system, the same incarnation, that is capable of both.

That vast polarity within human physiology, (at least according to the ones that we’re working with and the ones that I’m learning from), that polarity is exceptional. We are in a very high percentile of the unusual. And that’s also actually why mother earth and human beings are so appreciated by higher races, by other races.

And as we’re talking about this, just remember that an essential tenet, or understanding, of this beautiful perspective is: you are incarnated as a human being. So you, myself, all of us are deeply human, and yet we are also multidimensional beings by our very nature, inescapably, unavoidably. And so that’s not to bypass the human experience. We are here to be fully in the human experience and the heart. But part of the human experience is this awakening, this remembering.

So here on earth, the encouragement is to be very careful with the creation of these portals, because they are portals also. And to be very careful with the programming of the crystals. So we have these protocols in place to not only program the crystals, but also to then interface with the programmed crystal.

Another word for programmed, at least in this case, is inhabited. Just like your nervous system is programmed by consciousness, so a crystalline structure has a lot of similar qualities as a human nervous system, an inanimate human nervous system. It can be animated. It can be programmed.

Here these environments will have many applications. And that is a part of what we are beginning to do. Understand that this project, which has many phases, (so we call it the Crystal Earth Generator, or Temple Complex, that we have in Santa Fe — and there will be more than just this one), that this project has many phases and different phases have different names. So that for example, the Mahavakya project, these are for these major temples to be established around the world. They are not passive temples. They are generator temples. They are creating, they’re creating coherence. And they’ll have human interface in appropriate ways.

But when we want to know “what is the purpose of these”? It is the same thing that the teaching is in alignment with, (any sacred tradition, teaching, healing). It’s awakening of consciousness to greater multidimensional empowerment, and to spiritual and universal love, and the responsibility that comes with that awakening.

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