Podcast 6: Multidimensional Reality


Our nature, and the nature of all of creation is multidimensional. Everything in creation naturally evolves from an innocent field of all possibilities (Source) to a wise and divine field of the highest possibilities (Divinity).

Multidimensional creation includes certain energies and entities that are in support of our own evolutionary journey. We call these the Divine, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters. They are very different from each other.

The Divine is that which permeates everything. It is infinitely whole; it is the wholeness of all things. But it is not just the wholeness of all things, it is the wholeness of all things fully evolved and awake.

The Archangels are an aspect of Divinity itself. They can be understood as laws of nature that have self-evolved to Divinity. They are the highest, most foundational laws of nature that guide and support evolution.

The Ascended Masters are beings (just like us) who have completed their evolutionary journey to Divinity. They are oriented to the Supreme Divine and divine nourishment for all beings. The Ascended Masters are different than Archangels, and they play a different role.

FULL TRANSCRIPT (edited for clarity):

So we invite the Ascended Masters of the Holy Traditions, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of humanity into circle, into resonance with us here.

And we invite Supreme Divine, however much of the Supreme Divine we can feel, touch, embody. We invite Divine Mother to fill our hearts — all of Her Archangels, all of Her Devatas.

And we invite the fullness of our human physiology, which is the earth, mother earth, sentient mother earth, the greatest apparently hidden presence that guides and effects our body.

And we invite our heart consciousness, that loving presence of our self, to be in such kind relationship with our thoughts, with our convictions, our certainties, our perceptions. Your beautiful Heart is what becomes the Ascended Master, the great one, the great Master as the Heart.

Connecting with our multidimensional nature. We invite it in through that avenue of memory, or of remembering. It can come through that same aspect of mind, that same neural circuitry. And yet it is not built in the same domain as the memories that have been forged over your last 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 75 years (however old you are).

Imagine that your memories are contained in a well underground. And they bubble up. They are accessed on a surface spring, like an artesian well. All those memories of your life, they come up in that surface spring where you can bathe in them, and remember them as your memories. But these multidimensional memories, they are the water table, the larger underground expanse beneath the well. And yet when the conditions are right, that water can rise up, can even refill, replenish this localized self. This underground well is who you were before you were born and who you are still.

Let’s talk about the Archangels in the context of our multidimensional nature, and in the context of what we are doing together, and what we could be doing together as human beings.

According to the circle of Ascended Masters who represent, and have awakened through so many cultures over time, the Archangels (or the Archangelic field) are called by virtually countless names: Archangel, Master Angel, Angel, Devata — sometimes referred to as The Gods (plural).

The Archangels have something to do with our secular society laws of nature. The Archangels are not just laws of nature as we understand them, i.e. the weak force, the strong force, gravity, light, photons), the way in which we understand creation to be built. All the laws of nature that apply to biology are observable.

But there is a higher set of laws of nature that have emerged from this lower set of laws of nature. They are a more fundamental, more foundational set of laws of nature.

Laws of nature are those patterns through which consciousness spontaneously births itself, begins to know itself. And in this universe we have many observable laws of nature. And they are innocent, they are essentially the patterns that consciousness defines for itself even before it is capable of defining anything. It just is. It just emerges and it begins to create.

And so those ways in which it creates, it creates efficiently and intelligently. We say that those are laws of nature, the patterns of nature, the essential patterns of nature.

This is what is meant by all possibilities, the source consciousness that we emerge from. It is innocent, eternal, all powerful. But is not yet fully aware of itself. It is not yet aware of its nature, at least according to the ancient myths of the sacred traditions.

So if we extrapolate from that, we understand that that source consciousness is innocent, amoral. And yet, like a baby that is amoral, it will grow into the morality of its nature — we can say human nature.

So in this way, we can say all of creation moves from innocent (all possibilities) to wise and divine (the highest possibilities).

So the laws of nature, which are at first are just patterns, they also (like consciousness) become fully aware, divinely aware, fully aware of their infinite nature — their infinite natures.

So the laws of nature are also not static, just like source consciousness is not static. The laws of nature also evolve. And when the laws of nature evolve toward this divinity, this is the inevitable conclusion of awakening (this Realization, Divine, Divine Mother, Divine Love, Divine Being). The laws of nature have gone through a metamorphoses, a transformation as well. They are sentient, they are alive (like the Divine is — superconscious).

If we are conscious. If we are capable of observing ourselves and each other, capable of loving, and suffering, and growing, and directing ourselves, the Divine is on the scale of infinity. And (as Divine Mother says) it has an infinite amount of time to discover its highest states of consciousness.

So this long preamble is describing the Archangels. We often think of the Archangels as individual beings. We often personify them as Gabriel, or Rafael, or Metatron. And it is entirely appropriate for human consciousness to do this because the consensus reality that we share as human beings, as egos, is very much honoring our duality, our individuality.

So we don’t, for example, identify as a collective humanity. We identify as individual human beings that are a part of humanity. So it makes sense that we would also perceive the Divine as an individual being, and or Archangels as individual beings. But as the Archangels have shared through this medium, that is a perception. And at that level of consciousness there are not really separate names And all the names are welcome — all the personifications are welcome.

So the Archangels can be understood as the laws of nature that have self-evolved to Divinity. It’s like the consciousness of the Divine as a physiology. And we can say that physiology, that central nervous system of the Divine, would be something like the Archangels. Divine Mother calls the Archangels the hands of God (the hands of the Divine, like that which reaches out, descends, touches, interfaces).

And so the Archangels are aspects of God, the Devatas are aspects of God, in the same way that divine compassion, divine care, divine insight are all aspects of universal divine love, or divine bliss. In other words, they are manifestations, perhaps countless manifestations, of divine creativity in all of its forms.

So these attributes of the Archangels are actually just attributes of Divinity. We could say there is an Angel, an Archangel, a Devata for every attribute of Divinity, every manifestation of divine love.

And so there are countless, infinite numbers of Archangels; there are seven Archangels; there are 3 Archangels; there is one Archangel. They are hierarchical; they are not. They sit in circle; they don’t. All of these things are true, and not true.

In other words, Divine Mother says divine love is; divine love loves. And the way in which we perceive divine love, there is truth to that, and there is utility and value to that.

So whether we perceive Archangels as having an elephant head or having flowing blond hair with huge wings, or we perceive Archangels as infinite light or we see Archangels as a spirit guardian of the earth, if it is a personification of unconditional divine love, then it is of the same underlying reality or overlaying reality (according to Divine Mother).

This is not discouragement in working with individual Archangels. For example, if you have a relationship with Archangel Gabriel or Metatron or Ganesh, there is reality in that perception. There is great reality in it. Divine Mother says that the difference is that the being realized long ago that they they are not that being. They are divine wholeness. And yet, they are fully willing to continue to hold the identity as a being, just as as a human being may have multiple identities (and not in a schizophrenic way; in a natural way).

You may notice that with your children, you embody a certain identity and care. And with your healer or therapist, you embody something else. And with your parents, you are in a different quality of identity. And all of these are good and appropriate.

This is a partially applicable description of how identity works. It’s an applicable description of how identity works on a human level, and how we can see that same pattern of identity in the celestial realms, and ultimately in the divine realms.

So when we speak of Archangels and Archangelic technology, understand that relationship with the Archangels is as personal as relationship with the Divine. The Divine is the most simultaneously ambiguous and vague, and yet intimate and real aspect of consciousness. As Divine Mother says and has said countless times to me, and through me: “As soon as Divine Mother says anything, it is no longer Divine Mother saying it.” In other words, the Divine is that which permeates everything. It is infinitely whole; it is the wholeness of all things. But it is not just the wholeness of all things, it is the wholeness of all things fully evolved and awake.

Even infinite source evolves. Divine Mother says, “Life is that happening.”

Another Divine Mother-ism is: “If unity was enough for God, She would not have created creation.” In other words, that’s the impulse of consciousness evolving, consciousness creating. It’s not just randomly creating, it’s creating towards love.

So it might seem like we’re on a tangent, but we are actually right on it with the Archangels.

The Divine, Divine Mother says, can be known most purely through one’s own self-referral consciousness. And in fact, this is the only way the Divine can be known because one’s own heart moves into the realm of divinity.

But as soon as we are perceiving the Divine as an object, as a being, (whether an Archangel, or a guru, or a this or a that), what we are perceiving is manifest creation. We are perceiving a part, or an aspect of creation. If I am hearing Divine Mother’s voice, perhaps the original residence of that love is the Divine. But as it forms into words in my own physiology, it forms into the finite. And so that is what Divine Mother means when she says it’s no longer the Divine. And it’s the same way with the Archangels.

So we can meet Ascended Masters. We can meet them tangibly, because the dimensional realities are real. We can meet them; we can journey; we can have conversations with them. But in this terminology, and in this understanding (this cosmology that Divine Mother is presenting), we don’t meet Divine Mother (or any aspect of the supreme Divine, or that which purports to be the supreme Divine — universal infinite consciousness), in the finite. We meet it in the infinite field of our own being and heart.

If we journey multidimensionally, sometimes we refer to that as celestial travel, sometimes astral travel. It depends what people mean. But the point is, if we travel, perhaps we go and we sit on a counsel or we sit in counsel with other ascended beings.

We’d say the Ascended Masters are the ones that are oriented to the consensus practice of divine love, and divine nourishment for all beings. And there might be other ascended beings, in other words more refined vibrational physiologies, that are not oriented to that. But this is again important. You wouldn’t find an Archangel on that council, because an Archangel is not a material being. An Archangel is an aspect of infinite divinity. As soon as it becomes finite, it becomes incarnate. And as soon as it becomes incarnate, it’s just like you; just like me; just like an ascended master; just like any aspect of multidimensional creation.

Divine Mother says that the Divine does not incarnate as a unique flesh that is somehow the absolute resonance of the Divine, and perfect in material creation and multidimensional creation. The Divine is unconditional love and compassion that is alive in every heart already. So it’s not that some beings incarnate as special aspects of the Divine. All beings already have equal access to divine grace and love. And it is in the heart — not referring to the heart organ or the heart chakra, but rather referring to the centrality of an individual consciousness, of a sovereign consciousness.

The heart is that which sits closest to all things, all aspects of the self. The heart of Mother Earth is (as if she is in) the heart of Mother Earth — as if she wants to be equally close to all aspects of herself. It’s the same with your heart. Your heart is in the chest because it is equally close with all aspects of yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I say that this is an Archangelic technology that we are using in this energy healing, and it is an Archangelic technology that is past down from the Divine and utilized in planetary healing. What is important to understand is that Archangels — which is the name given to the field of the Divine as it aims to nurture and penetrate all of creation — are not accessed through an individual being. They are accessed through one’s own heart, or a shared resonance of a collective.

So Archangelic technology refers to multiple Ascended Masters (physical beings — grandmothers and grandfathers from so many races, so many planets, or in the case of earth, perhaps just from this planet), in counsel or relationship, grounding and connecting to a consensus understanding of what the Divine is aiming or directing. What love, divine love, can create for a planet, for a people or a world.

So this Archangelic technology is not that we have Archangels sitting on our counsel. We all have Archangels sitting in counsel here (in the heart). And they are aspects of the supreme Divine. And as connected we get to that supreme Divinity, which is literally unconditional infinite love consciousness, this is how this technology is cognized.

For every virtue of consciousness, for every face of fully-mature consciousness knowing itself, we have countless words. There is a sentience; there is a being. Universal being is manifested in countless individual caring beings called Archangels. And so these qualities, these virtues, are not just qualities or patterns of behavior or feeling. They are also entities that one can invoke and feel and heal. And that is Archangelic invocation.

Divinity is what we are calling spirit in its fully awaked state. Spiritual healing is connecting with spirit as divine. As we look to apply spiritual healing to physical healing (for example, the work of an energy healer or a multidimensional healer), what we discover is these patterns, that are sometimes referred to as virtues or qualities of consciousness — love gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, empathy, vitality, sovereignty. These words, just to be clear, are not the thing itself. They may or may not be clear representations of the divine value that we are pointing to. But regardless, understand that there is sentient intelligence, harness-able intelligence that can be invoked and embodied in a field of resonance and then utilized.

An Archangels frequency is just a subtle distinction from a Divine frequency. Divine frequency is referring the wholeness of Divine consciousness in its frequency forms. And Archangelic frequency is just referring to the Divine as it descends and interacts for its cared creation, or its physiology, which is us.

So these energies, that we might call (in our English language) divine values, or virtues, or feelings, are much more than that. They not only work on the level of awareness, and therefore feeling, but they work on the level of underlying biology.

For example, these resonances, these Archangelic frequencies, speak to the different evolutionary states of the body and can bring about potentially huge and miraculous healing. So it is not just on the level of cognition or belief, and desire and feeling, it’s actually that this level of Archangelic consciousness can penetrate into the more primitive, primordial, ancient structures of physiology (like cellular and genetic physiology).

Tracing it all the way back to the origins of life, that’s how conscious the Divine, or the Archangelic field is. And we can work with it directly through the heart. And it is definitely achievable. This has been what a lot of my life has been — direct, aimed relationship with the Divine and the Archangels for healing.

But we can also work with the Archangels (as we do with the Divine) in this work thru the Ascended Masters. Understand that the Ascended Masters are (very simply) just like us; just like us. They are so different than the Archangels.

So even though we might invoke or request assistance from both, I cannot emphasize this enough, that depictions of the Ascended Masters, where they look essentially indistinguishable from Archangels, are incorrect. When we define Archangels (Devatas) as being just like Ascended Masters (Saints) in the higher planes, the Ascended Masters actually laugh at this. They understand what it is. We pedestalize each other. We imagine kings and queens have some consciousness that we don’t, when in fact we are all just human.

The Ascended Masters understand this pattern of pedestalization. And they understand that they are pedestalized. Perhaps they deserve to be pedestalized. I am not saying they don’t. They certainly do. But understand that they don’t suggest it, or for that matter, recommend it. They are so warm, Just like we don’t pedestalize our grandfather or grandmother if they are the embodiment of love.

What we love about our grandparents is ideally, when we’re a child they hold us and they rock us, and they care for us, and they show us how to be, how to live. They show us what embodied wisdom is at a very high level. And the Ascended Masters are like this. They are showing us how to be in relationship with our divinity. But they are not saying that they are the Divine, and that we should be in relationship with them in that way.

So this is a big distinction. There is a huge amount of humility in the circle of Ascended Masters that we work with, and the level of expertise that I understand them to have, on both multidimensionality, but also on the level of human healing and human physiology.

It almost is worthy of pedestalization. And it’s understandable that we would think of saints or gurus or different incarnations of beings that are here to help. It’s understandable that there’s that tendency to separate and pedestalize, to externalize the Divine. When in fact, in truly healthy cultures, all beings are very much connected eye to eye, heart to heart.

And the Divine is something that is worthy of pedestalization. And yet it is equally available through every heart. That doesn’t mean that it is equally expressed, but that its equally available, whether it’s an Ascended Master or a young human child that’s dealing with immense trauma, even at an early age, that has spark of heart and potential is the same.

So this is helping to touch on multiple applications of multidimensional reality, which is really what all of this work is. A lot of it is emergent. Truth be told, some of it by nature is experimental. And in fact, ultimately, any application of higher technology in this realm is going to be experimental, whether it is the building of crystalline generators, or looking to these realms, these sources for support in our physical healing. And yet, this reality (this multidimensional view), I posit (I share in a heart-felt way) that this is the future of human evolution. This is what we are moving toward, because this is also our past. It’s also our present. And yet what could be happening on earth right now. And this is a story for another day. It is unprecedented. It is a level of awakening that could take place on earth that humanity will never slide back from; never slide back from — a full and permanent shift in human consciousness and therefore human physiology.

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