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The Divine Love Healings

A Gift from Divine Mother

This is a free, powerful healing course for your spiritual and multidimensional awakening. 

It is a gift from Divine Mother, the all-powerful and omnipresent love that permeates creation.

For the coming year, once per week, we will send you a transformational message from Divine Mother, as shared by Matthew.

The email will include a link to a website page where you can listen to Matthew speak the message and sometimes offer a meditation.

Watch Matthew briefly introduce this powerful healing course.

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A Message from Matthew

Message from Matthew

“In the process of giving your heart fully to life, it’s a necessary and critical step to take time to receive and heal. If you are feeling stuck, tired, or disconnected, this multidimensional healing program may help.

“We are always told that ‘love is the answer’, but the first form of love we ideally experience, even before giving it, is the receiving of unconditional love. This is because unconditional love is not something we can be, feel or give through force of will. (And it is not loving to believe that story!) It is something received and attuned to in safe, sacred, and powerful space. It is a divine vibration.

“Because we probably did not receive this experience when we were little ones growing up with parents who didn’t know better, spiritual awakening often begins (or is greatly aided) through receiving attunement and transmission from the Divine. We have a word for this: grace.

“This is why awakening on the spiritual path often feels like a rebirth. It mirrors the process of our first birth. But this time, it is with our divine parentage, not our human parentage.

Divine Mother is perhaps the most supreme value or expression of this unconditional, omniscient, and omnipresent love. This is why our healing work begins with the establishment of a conscious relationship with Divine Mother. Unconditional divine love in this essential, simple form, is sometimes all that is needed for the deepest emotional wounds and patterns of physiological disfunction to miraculously heal.

“Enjoy these Divine Love Healings, a gift from Divine Mother. I’m excited to journey with you.”

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