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ENLIGHTENING.org is an activated portal for direct experience of higher states of consciousness. It is a vessel of divine love and nourishment during this challenging time on earth.

Specifically, ENLIGHTENING.org is these things:

  • A cosmic initiative of the Ascended Masters of Mother Earth.
  • Healings, teachings, and techniques from these Ascended Masters
  • Consciousness-based energy medicine for physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  • The emergence of new technologies of consciousness for humanity

We are entering the age of consciousness, which means that the most powerful technologies we will discover in the coming decades are not material technologies, but spiritual technologies, seeded in the foundations of human consciousness.


To support the development,
empowerment, and health
of Spiritual Healers.

A Spiritual Healer in every home;
a Spiritual Elder in every household;
an Ascended Master in every lineage.

Powerful energy healing programs,
courses, and insights for health
and spiritual awakening.

Now is the Time

You are a cosmic being with an immeasurable capacity to heal, transform, and awaken. It is time to open to the grace and the gifts of the age.

This time on Earth is an age of miracles and great change. This is the time for internal blocks to dissolve, and better health to be a reality. Most of all, this is a time to awaken to your cosmic potential, in service to you, your life, and your loved ones.

Whatever your circumstance, whatever your current condition, we believe in you.

At this time on earth, it is critically important to believe in yourself. And if you don’t, it’s important to learn how to — immediately.

The Ascended Masters are here with technologies of healing to give to you, and technologies of healing to teach to you.

Awaken the Healer Within

Within the folds of your consciousness are profound gifts waiting to be lived through your human heart. You are becoming the Healer.

The Healer is a warrior, a nurturer, a co-creator.

The Healer is the highest expression of human purpose and design.

The Elders say, “Be nurtured. Be healed. Then… Become.” We begin with nurturing and healing in order to facilitate becoming the Healer that is your birthright.

The Healer is the supreme archetype of a spiritually realized human being.

The Healer is not the one who sees a broken world and tries to reassemble the pieces into some facsimile of health. The Healer sees the all-pervasive potential of the world everywhere and in everyone.

The Healer sees wounds and mistakes as infant forms of wisdom and compassion; and sees pain as an agent of the greater wholeness that you are becoming.

The work of the Healer is the work of becoming healthy, wise, and mature — not despite disease, mistakes, or obstacles, but through and because of them.

The Healer embodies the best qualities we know and love about our species: resilient, heroic, vulnerable, limited, close to nature, instinctual, primal, intuitive, inventive, and growth-oriented.

The Healer is also what humanity can become: empathic, all-loving, wise, humble, grounded, and awake to the multidimensional, cosmic, immortal, and infinite domains of consciousness.

The Healer knows that the best future of humanity is not by giving its power to outside technologies, but by developing our powerful inner technologies.

Meet Your Guide

Matthew Reifslager, or Brother Matthew, is a healer, channel, and spiritual teacher.

He has a multidimensionally-informed perception of human physiology and human purpose.

ENLIGHTENING.org is a place where Matthew helps to facilitate wisdom and healing on behalf of some of humanity’s ascended spiritual Elders.

Matthew works with his students and clients through mentorships, courses, retreats, and online membership programs.

Matthew is the founder of two nonprofit organizations that are promoting spiritual transformation, individually and globally, during this special time on earth.

Message from Matthew

Dear one,

Thank you for your trust in coming this far.

I understand that as spiritual seekers, we long to realize the promise of the spiritual path, to access God-Consciousness, and to feel the reality of the healing that is our birthright so that we can live aligned, connected, and empowered.

The problem is that we can still feel stuck, even with countless hours spent in study and practice. The obstacles we encounter can continue to resurface. A meaningful breakthrough feels elusive, perhaps even impossible.

I want you to know that I honor your journey and everything you have experienced thus far. I also honor your fortitude and willingness to continue your journey despite perhaps feeling frustrated by the promises of what has become a highly commoditized spiritual marketplace.

I grew up in a spiritually-minded community, so I have experienced the confusion created by conflicting interpretations of spiritual principles, and ‘spiritual people’ behaving in decidedly not-spiritual ways. Perhaps most of all, I know how challenging spiritual and multidimensional awakening is in our modern environment.

My life’s work has been to support an understanding of ourselves, the universe, and God that makes sense, while also embracing the vastness of reality and creation that humanity is cosmically connected to.

I am dedicated to the coherence and cohesion running through all paths, from science to New Age concepts to progressive thought movements and even through traditional religious dogma.

But the first step, before more awareness and a deeper understanding, is an experience of the deep realness of God and unconditional love. This is the experience of healing. This is the experience of spiritual sovereignty. This is the way-shower of your dharma.

I call this experience Divine Mother’s unconditional love, and I invite you to join me in our next Livecast. This can be our first step on the next chapter of your journey to healing, and living fully empowered as a multi-dimensional being.

Remember that for most all of us, our journey is often inspired by crisis. So if you are arriving here discouraged, afraid, ill, or worse: take heart. This may ultimately become the source of your greatest strength, wisdom and power.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Take the next step here:

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