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The Divine Love Healings

a gift from Divine Mother

Session 1

Listen to this healing seated comfortably or lying down.
Close your eyes and receive.

Meet Divine Mother

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Divine Mother Says:

Mother Earth has been preparing herself for this transition for millennia. Welcome to the new world, being born every day.

I am Mother of Creation, and I am here to guide you home.

What is home? Home is the throne of God. Home is the seat of Mother Divine. It is where I reside, and I willingly share this exalted chair with you. The long journey home is only the journey to the seat of God. Share My vantage point — the view is wonderful.

I love you. Let yourself feel this love, and you will have a glimpse of the reality I am speaking of.

Where is home? It is said, ‘Home is where the heart is.’ Never has a literal interpretation been so appropriate.

Yes indeed, home is where the heart is. The heart is the seat of God. This is your home. Your perfect human heart is the throne of My divinity. So I reside in the heart at all times, the glory of the infinite light of Wholeness radiating forward and back, up and down.

I pulsate in the depths of your heart. You know Me in the depths of your heart. You are Me in the depths of your heart.

I am the Wholeness: I am Mother Divine, Creator of the universe.

And I am contained in My entirety in your heart. How magnificent you must be, that all of My myriad creation exists inside of you. For you are indeed bigger than God. And God is bigger than you know.

To give up the identity of the individual for the identity of Wholeness is one of the great leaps in consciousness in My glorious creation.

Come share the seat of God with Me. The view is wonderful.

I love you. Always, know this: I love you.

About the Divine Love Healings

The Divine Love Healings are a series of messages that Matthew received from Divine Mother with the specific intention of awakening each of us to God in the Heart at this unprecedented and critical time on earth. Divine Mother explains that simply reading the transcripts with awareness and intention is healing and transformational. Here are the guidelines:

  • Read slowly; take your time.
  • Read aloud, if possible.
  • Open to the silence between the words, sentences, and paragraphs — the healing takes place in the silence.

About Matthew

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual healer, channel, and teacher.

He offers mentorships, courses, and retreats at Enlightening.org.

Matthew also founded two nonprofit organizations that promote spiritual transformation, individually and globally, during this special time on earth.

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