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The Divine Love Healings

A Gift from Divine Mother

Session 16

Listen to this healing seated comfortably or lying down.
Close your eyes and receive.

Fully Embrace Your Desires

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Divine Mother Says:

So, stirring the pot of Wholeness. We always have to stir. Otherwise, there is only Wholeness!

So we have so much focus on rest, understanding that rest is the key. Rest allows us to access physical energy, but more importantly, it allows us to access our divine energy.

Of course physical energy is just a gross manifestation of this same divine energy. But when we receive rest, we gain access to both forms of energy, all forms of energy. Energy manifested.

Do you have desires?

We all have our desires. Fulfillment of these desires requires energy — sometimes physical energy, but always divine energy. Always divine energy.

Rest is the first step to fulfillment of desires. Rest is the second step also. Maybe rest is the first ten steps, and the eleventh step is to embrace your desire. Fully embrace your desire.

Allow the desire to bring purpose, warmth, and clarity to the moment. Even bathe in the desire.

If you cannot fully embrace your desire, how can you expect Me to? How can you expect Wholeness to fully embrace the desire, if you cannot?

Wholeness moves through the self. When a desire is fully embraced — fully embraced — only then may Wholeness fully support it.

So the desire is there, and we embrace it together. When you embrace it fully, I embrace it fully. It’s a very simple law of nature.

Embracing is different than being consumed by it. We can embrace a loved one without being consumed by him or her. We do so every day. Same with our desires.

It’s good to take a look at so many of the desires that fuel our life. If we cannot fully embrace each desire that is fueling our life, best to modify the desire or cast it away forever, because it does not serve the self. Desires and ambivalence do not mix so well.

So we look at the desires fueling our life, each one, even if it takes a while. And we fully embrace or cast away. Or modify, until it is a desire that we can fully embrace.

This is how support of nature can be generated very easily, very simply.

Consider our desires, and fully embrace each one. I promise you, desires are a very beautiful thing, worth embracing completely. And desires may change; when they change we embrace them completely. Anything less than a full embrace of a desire leaves room for nature to not support that desire.

If we want a desire to be fulfilled, we put the whole heart behind it. And if we find that the whole heart cannot embrace the desire very quickly, we may become liberated from that desire. And the self is purified.

Desires are worth embracing, always worth embracing. Every desire is worth embracing. Every desire. It is in the embrace that the desire will be fulfilled or let go of. Until the desire is fully embraced it may only be a shadow separate from the self, undefined.

Every desire is a gift from our Wholeness. It is worth fully feeling, fully embracing.

When we fully feel the desire, fully embrace the desire, breathe in the desire, we align the desire with Wholeness and very quickly it is either fulfilled or the desire is let go of.

Embrace your desires. Very quickly they will be fulfilled, or they will fall away.

All desires are worth embracing. If a desire is there and is not embraced, we are ignoring that gift from the Divine.

Only by fully embracing the desire, fully feeling the desire, can the desire be let go of and then fulfilled. So embrace your desires. It feels very good. Suppression of desires, not a good idea.

Desires are a gift from Me. They are worth embracing.

About the Divine Love Healings

The Divine Love Healings are a series of messages that Matthew received from Divine Mother with the specific intention of awakening each of us to God in the Heart at this unprecedented and critical time on earth. Divine Mother explains that simply reading the transcripts with awareness and intention is healing and transformational. Here are the guidelines:

  • Read slowly; take your time.
  • Read aloud, if possible.
  • Open to the silence between the words, sentences, and paragraphs — the healing takes place in the silence.

About Matthew

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual healer, channel, and teacher.

He offers mentorships, courses, and retreats at Enlightening.org.

Matthew also founded two nonprofit organizations that promote spiritual transformation, individually and globally, during this special time on earth.

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