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The Divine Love Healings

A Gift from Divine Mother

Session 9

Listen to this healing seated comfortably or lying down.
Close your eyes and receive.

The Mind’s Reality, and My Reality

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Divine Mother Says:

Deeper and deeper into silence.

In this silence we are just exploring reality here. In reality, there are no ailments, there is no poor health, there is no lack in any way. This is the reality, and this is what we are exploring.

Your reality, day to day, moment to moment, may differ from My reality.

The difference is: one is based on the mind’s perspective. It’s a limited perspective. So if we see or feel any lacking at all — in the self, or in another — that is fine. That is the reality, the mind’s reality, right now.

But as you know, My reality can be yours also. Divine reality understands everything to be perfect as it is. This is why I embrace everything.

If there is misery in the experience, that is fine. That is the reality in this moment. But only the mind can create misery — it is very gifted!

So when we shift from the reality of the mind to the reality of My reality, everything is seen in its Wholeness. Everything is already whole. We are just seeing it for what it is.

So when we take this time in Wholeness, we are suggesting to the mind that it does not always do the best job at running the life. It’s not sufficient. It thinks it is, and it tries very hard. How commendable.

Here is the question… why put so much trust and energy into such a small part of the Self? The Self is so much greater than the mind. It is so great that it does not need to call for attention.

Typically the mind does that, and it gets all of the attention. Because the mind itself is so limited in its function we cannot expect it to deliver a full view of My reality. It is when the self begins to embrace its divine identity that the very beautiful structure of creation reveals itself.

My creation is so wonderful. I want you to play in it. The devas and the angels and many more — they are already playing with you. It’s much more enjoyable to play with them also.

No attention needs to be put on this, but when we embrace our divine identity, the full spectrum of My reality is revealed.

The mind blocks perception of this vast reality. It only allows for the senses to offer much input.

When My reality is embraced, the mind still functions, yes, but not with the same power as before. It no longer blocks finer perception.

So when we embrace our Divine Self, when we give permission to the Divine Self to run the show, we are not leaving the mind behind. We are just putting it in its rightful place as a useful tool — not the only tool.

Humanity has been engaged in the age of the mind, and it’s been good. But for humanity, these times are changing. Of course, the mind survives, but in the new age, it is understood as one of many tools of the Divine Self.

The good thing is, none of these concepts are revolutionary. They are natural and intuitive. The embracing of the divine identity is inevitable, so we very gently, very sweetly, very lovingly settle into our own silence and play with God.

And playing with God just means being with God. And being with God just means being. And when we are being… who are we being with? Just the Self. It’s perfect. It’s Self-referral.

Nothing is needed to end our suffering but the Divine Self. You and Me.

So let’s be together.

About the Divine Love Healings

The Divine Love Healings are a series of messages that Matthew received from Divine Mother with the specific intention of awakening each of us to God in the Heart at this unprecedented and critical time on earth. Divine Mother explains that simply reading the transcripts with awareness and intention is healing and transformational. Here are the guidelines:

  • Read slowly; take your time.
  • Read aloud, if possible.
  • Open to the silence between the words, sentences, and paragraphs — the healing takes place in the silence.

About Matthew

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual healer, channel, and teacher.

He offers mentorships, courses, and retreats at Enlightening.org.

Matthew also founded two nonprofit organizations that promote spiritual transformation, individually and globally, during this special time on earth.

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