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The Divine Love Healings

A Gift from Divine Mother

Session 14

Listen to this healing seated comfortably or lying down.
Close your eyes and receive.

Perfect Healing

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Divine Mother Says:

It’s a good day to spend together. It’s always a good day to spend with our own Wholeness.

When we remove our thoughts about who we think we are, Wholeness is what remains. I love you, and I am waiting here.

‘Here’ means you don’t need to go anywhere to find Me. It’s like this: reach out your hand, and I take it. Simple as that.

Reach out your hand, and I take your hand, always.

It may start as thinking of Me, and very quickly it becomes awareness of Me: ‘Oh, I am aware of Her presence here.’ Just a thought like that. And soon this awareness of Me becomes awareness as Me. Whole awareness. I am right here for you.

Again, we are focusing on allowing the body to merge into Wholeness: Wholeness running the show, and then watching the body transform.

In this sacred time you give yourself, let the body feel what it needs to feel, do what it needs to do. No one is watching but Me. So we sit up, we lie down, and we do what the body impulsively does. Spontaneously, more energy flows through the physiology when Wholeness runs the show. It’s a very powerful process.

Remember that Wholeness is infinitely intelligent. It always knows what to do. It always knows exactly what to do.

When we go to the pharmacy because we are not feeling well, sometimes we don’t know what to do, what medicine to take, what different things to try to feel better.

Here we do not have this concern. We settle into our silence. We give permission to the Divine to run the show. We sit back and relax.

Divine intelligence is not only found in herbs, not only found in medicine. It is also found right here, right now, simply through intention and permission.

So we give permission to Wholeness to run the show and it delivers exactly what is needed every time. I promise I will. The mechanics are flawless. It’s an immediate delivery system. Surrender to God, and we don’t need to wait for God to show up. God is already here.

We only need to adjust our expectations around how healing occurs. How can healing occur without a doctor in the room? Very easily.

This is how spontaneous healing occurs: permission given, permission received, and direct divine healing is the result. So we innocently, gently, give permission to Wholeness to run the show. We give permission to the body to do what it needs to do, to feel what it must feel, and we witness the only thing that can occur in the circumstances: perfect healing. And it heals not just the physiology, but the emotions also, for they are stored in the physiology too.

Let My love penetrate the physiology. Nothing is needed but permission, and then you let it go.

Maybe sitting up straight, or lying down, it doesn’t matter. The delivery of Wholeness is occurring no matter the experience. This is My promise to you, that I am available to you always for exactly what you need.

So we enjoy our silence together, and we can take it whenever we want. Whenever the impulse is there to take it, I am here with you. Continuing in this silence together for as long as you would like. Five minutes, five hours, five years, it doesn’t matter… I am here for you always.

The perfect delivery of Wholeness, the perfect delivery of My love available at each moment — just give permission to the Self, and it is there. Guaranteed.

About the Divine Love Healings

The Divine Love Healings are a series of messages that Matthew received from Divine Mother with the specific intention of awakening each of us to God in the Heart at this unprecedented and critical time on earth. Divine Mother explains that simply reading the transcripts with awareness and intention is healing and transformational. Here are the guidelines:

  • Read slowly; take your time.
  • Read aloud, if possible.
  • Open to the silence between the words, sentences, and paragraphs — the healing takes place in the silence.

About Matthew

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual healer, channel, and teacher.

He offers mentorships, courses, and retreats at Enlightening.org.

Matthew also founded two nonprofit organizations that promote spiritual transformation, individually and globally, during this special time on earth.

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