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The Divine Love Healings

A Gift from Divine Mother

Session 19

Listen to this healing seated comfortably or lying down.
Close your eyes and receive.

The Self is the Only Healer

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Divine Mother Says:

Good. This is the time for the Self to heal the physiology. We let the Self heal the physiology.

Feeling into the physiology — it is the perfect time to let Me in. We give permission to Wholeness to run the show, and Wholeness does. And we don’t care what Wholeness looks like.

We let the spine elongate, the body relax. We let the body lie down, or if the impulse is there, the body to sit up straighter. And as we become aware of Wholeness in the physiology, we let it penetrate everywhere, breathing deeply, until there is no awareness on the breath. There is nothing that I cannot reach.

In this time of silence, this time of silence that we give the Self, nothing is out of My reach.

Everything is fair game. No need to guide the Wholeness through the physiology. Wholeness guides itself. The only work here is the work of letting go. Where we find some tension we relax a little, so that Wholeness goes there too.

You see, the Self is the greatest healer.

The Self is the only healer.

So we let the Divine Mother — already in the physiology — heal the physiology. It is just a matter of permission. Can you give up some control? Of course you can.

So we have the sweet intention to let Wholeness run the show, and we certainly do not strain to make this happen. I am already here.

We settle into the Self and enjoy the show. Let the physiology do what it needs to do.

Yes, we enjoy some silence now.

This is a special time here on Earth. It is a time that requires more rest than activity. Simple as that. Time with the Self — however this time is spent — there cannot be enough time with the Self.

In this conscious silence Wholeness is cultivated. The eternal connection to Me, Divine Mother, is understood. It blossoms. So we give some time everyday to let Wholeness do what it will. And the identity shifts from predominantly ego to predominantly divine.

In this silence also, we become our greatest healer.

I am always here in this silence, fully present in the heart, right here. All it takes is turning the attention slightly inward, surrendering, and giving Me some time to run the show. I promise I will.

I want to show you who you really are. And then, I want you to live it. You are divine. You are Me.

Enjoy silence the rest of the day.

About the Divine Love Healings

The Divine Love Healings are a series of messages that Matthew received from Divine Mother with the specific intention of awakening each of us to God in the Heart at this unprecedented and critical time on earth. Divine Mother explains that simply reading the transcripts with awareness and intention is healing and transformational. Here are the guidelines:

  • Read slowly; take your time.
  • Read aloud, if possible.
  • Open to the silence between the words, sentences, and paragraphs — the healing takes place in the silence.

About Matthew

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual healer, channel, and teacher.

He offers mentorships, courses, and retreats at Enlightening.org.

Matthew also founded two nonprofit organizations that promote spiritual transformation, individually and globally, during this special time on earth.

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