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What is happening on earth today is inherently life-supporting. Prophecies have pointed to this as a great time of change and transformation. However the process of evolution is also creating polarization, instability, and suffering for many.

The purpose of The Crystal Earth initiative is to accelerate the growth of balance, harmony, peace, and love in the world. Unique crystal technologies are utilizes to stimulate and support individual and global healing and awakening. With the elevation of the collective consciousness of humanity, heaven on earth will become a reality.

The Crystal Earth Initiative is a project of The Wholeness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by Matthew in 2012.

Crystal Earth Temple

The highest mission of this initiative is to establish Crystal Earth Temples in select locations around the globe. These temples serve as powerful generators of earth’s healing energies for the benefit of mankind. The first Crystal Earth Temple is located on sacred land near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Crystal Earth Grid

Another activity of the Crystal Earth Initiative over the past few years has been the planting of Crystal Earth Seeds in more than 40 powerful locations around the globe. These Seeds connect with each other to create an energy grid that can be accessed with the use of specific Crystal Earth Healing Tools.

Crystal Earth Healing Tools

Crystal Earth

Healing Tools

Crystal Earth Seeds, Pendants and Yantras are designed to tap into the activated field of the Crystal Earth Grid. They engage the grounding, stabilizing, and naturally healing energies of Mother Earth. Through these tools you can connect to the grid energies from wherever you are.

Mahavakya Crystal Technology


Crystal Technology

Mahavakya Crystal Technology connects suitable quartz crystals with our planet’s evolving crystalline grid. It utilizes the nature of crystals to be amplifiers. Similar to a radio that amplifies subtle sound waves to be heard by human ears, this technology uses crystals, metals, and sacred geometries to intensify Earth’s enlightening energies and make them available to human experience.

There is an urgency in the world for this Mahavakya Crystal Technology, which is ancient, universal, and peace-creating. From the Vedas to the Hopi prophecies, remnants of this cosmic science and its benefits can be found in scripture and cultural memory. The significance of re-introducing it to the world during this transformational time is profound.

Mahavakya Crystal Technology is programmed by the cosmic intelligence of Mother Earth for the purpose of blessing humanity. Even if no person were to make pilgrimage to these powerful generators, the benefits would be experienced around the globe. The massive harmonizing frequencies created by this technology create an evolutionary global effect.

The Vision

The inspiration for the Crystal Earth initiative initially came through Grandmother Nakai Breen, a renowned Cherokee medicine woman. She had visions of a crystal temple with the potential to transform humankind that she shared with Matthew and the Reifslager family.

Matthew founded The Wholeness, a 501c3 religious and educational organization, to serve the healing and transformation of humanity at this unprecedented time on earth. Through its Crystal Earth initiative, The Wholeness is working to fulfill the vision of Grandmother Nakai. It has developed crystal technologies and tools that empower our multidimensional relationship with Mother Earth and help us align with her evolving frequencies.

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