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Matthew’s Highest Support for Spiritual Awakening


Work directly with Matthew to discover and live the fullness of you.

About the Mentorship

Matthew’s year-long mentorship/training program offers his highest possible support for spiritual awakening. The program features powerful healing, a special advanced curriculum, and significant personal interaction with Matthew. Participation is limited to a small, intimate group.

What People are Saying

There are a handful of things in my life that have made a real difference. What Matthew shares in this program is the most precious thing I have ever experienced.”

After many years on a spiritual path, I still had not developed self-love. Through this program I learned simple yet powerful practices that completely changed that.”

This program literally changed my life. My spiritual experiences have gone through a radical transformation. Life is so much more meaningful and enjoyable than before.”


About Matthew

Matthew Reifslager

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual and multidimensional healer, teacher, channel, and mentor. He is an experienced energy healer and has lead numerous programs, seminars, workshops, and retreats.

Matthew works with distinct cosmic energies to provide healing and transformation. These include Divine Mother, Archangels, the sentient being that is Mother Earth, and a Circle of Ascended Masters.

Although Matthew’s work is spiritual in nature, it also brings practical and profound benefits in other areas of life — physiological healing, overcoming fear and suffering, transforming your relationship with yourself and others, and more.

Through his Mentorship Programs, Matthew offers the highest level of support to help people grow into their full potential as a healer.

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