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Transcript: Attention on Solutions and Love

TRANSCRIPT (lightly edited for clarity):

I encourage you, again and again and again, to observe and consider your relationship with human collective consciousness. Once we recognize that humanity is operating within a story, a construct, or belief system that is not only painful, but generates pain and suffering, we start to appropriately become cautious in our relationship with human collective consciousness.

What can happen when we desire to become part of the resistance to the darkness, and bring the light, is that we can see it as a battleground or a war.

While there are applicable and useful battle metaphors about what is happening on the planet, we want to be cautious about this. We can find ourselves, in an effort to disentangle from human collective consciousness, to begin identifying all of the problems and the maladies; to begin tracking the forces of ignorance. And suddenly we have the recognition that the world we thought we lived in, or our parents or grandparents told us about, is not an accurate presentation of the world. We realize that the world is far more full of the painful and even the nefarious.

As a part of our awakening, we aim deeply to understand what is going on. We try to form a more accurate narrative about the interplay of light and dark, and who or what is the enemy. And we can spiritualize it with the idea that it’s actually our own ignorance that is the enemy. And there can be a place for all of this analysis.

I do not mean to portray myself as above this, or indicate that there is not utility in these frames. Rather, as we begin to exit this matrix of beliefs, and start to recognize that collective consciousness and collective belief is a field that is affecting us and our loved ones, that we can study it and understand it, and take precautions.

All of that is good. However, in the process of studying the field of collective beliefs, we can mistake that studying the ignorance is the same thing as studying the solutions.

We have long heard the aphorisms, “Energy goes where attention goes.” Or “Energy flows, where attention goes.” And other important teachings like, “What you put your attention on grows.” Or “Don’t put your attention on negativity.”

The teaching, the insight, the opportunity is to recognize that the nature of love, the nature of light, is to flow. And it is most observable when it flows toward pain, toward so-called darkness or ignorance.

So we want to show up to our loved one’s pain in the presence of love. And where do we put our attention? We put our attention on loving that person, and even on loving (in a very skillful way) their pain into greater wisdom.

Imagine a parent that doesn’t want to acknowledge their child’s negativity. So they ignore it. They run away from it. And what happens is the child’s pain grows because they do not yet have the inner resources to bring their love, the love that is their higher nature, to that pain. Their nervous system is not developed in that way. The child is reliant upon mother and father for that wisdom, especially when they are very young. We also don’t want the mother or father entering in with a child and saying, “Stop being negative.” Because that’s pain meeting pain.

We understand that the principle is: you are not putting your attention on your child’s negativity, you are putting your attention in that moment of healing — on healing, on love. In other words, your attention is flowing toward care, toward solution. This is nuance. This is appropriate.

If there is pain or darkness within you, it can be a natural mistake to either wallow in it, or become identified with it, or to take an immature perspective: “Oh, I shouldn’t have any attention on this. I should only tend to the positive.”

When you do this, you are acting out the negativity by not bringing love to the pain. Do you see the distinction?

Your leverage is in solutions. Your leverage is in having your attention on what you know the solution is for the ills and ailments of humanity and human collective consciousness. It means that you stop being interested in the polarity, the drama, the lay of the land. You stop having your attention flowing to the endless stream of injustices and lies. And instead you bring your attention to what the solutions are.

This may sound like a trite spiritual teaching or observation. And I promise you, it is not. It is earth shaking. It is earth shaking.

When you begin to realize that human collective consciousness is indeed a great field of suffering, but not a hopeless situation, you become recruited by the light within you. You begin seeing and understanding a perspective of reality that almost feels like a betrayal of your former self. “If I’m in a state of love, or optimism, or faith and joy, I’m delusional.” These are ways that the mind can resist opening to the resources within.

But if you are on a path of spirituality and you understand that all of life is a field of consciousness (mind and humanity are an expression of consciousness) and that consciousness is growing toward divinity, then you are in a conundrum if you maintain your focus on human collective consciousness.

Yes, study and understand where the ignorance and the resistance are. But consider something like an 80/20, or a 90/10, or even a 95/5 rule. Depending upon how your personality and your dharma expresses itself, put 80-95% of your attention on love and solutions, and the remainder of your attention on understanding the problem.

What is happening on a large scale right now is that most people are still enthralled in the myth, the confusion, and the chaos of human collective consciousness. Some people are waking up out of it and feel disillusioned and angry. They want revenge or justice.

Not only are these feelings natural, they are good. But they are just in a developmental stage. Rather than pushing them away, you can move toward a solutions-based mentality and consciousness ASAP. Your spirituality requires it. If you have the experience of the power of spirit and love, of the ability for consciousness to weave together systems of intelligence and communities, then become an agent for that to take place.

And try not to mistake being an enemy of the current, for being an agent of the light.

Divine Mother has expressed that the way humanity will awaken is not through a battle of angelic legions facing demonic forces and suddenly all beings on Earth are liberated. It’s almost painful to think of that kind of scenario because it shows that that kind of thinking is very prevalent in in our consciousness — that it’s a war of the light kicking the ass of the darkness.

How does that work for a parent with children that are ignorant? How often does kicking the ass of a child actually work? That’s a fair comparison. It rarely works. It often just creates more cycles of pain and violence, whether it’s expressed a few moments later, or a generation later.

The way that humanity is going to awaken (broadly speaking) is through new communities of shared solutions-based perspectives. We may say, “There is extraordinary and pervasive ignorance, both within me and around me. And I am going to become a part of a community, an agent of a community of love, of care”.

And we’re going to see these communities (we already are) springing up around the world. And right now people move in and out of them. They’re nascent. Everything is young. But in the coming time, these communities will strengthen. They will be small and they will grow larger. This is why this concept that’s very common these days of decentralized power is so important. I don’t mean that politically, although that’s fine.

Decentralization is actually a spiritual principle, a law of nature. For example, enlightenment takes place when one decentralizes from the whole and takes care of their own ignorance. That is a principle of decentralization.

Communities are an expression of individual values coming together. So we cannot look for the global community to shape the wellbeing of society in a truly useful and healing way. This is because it needs to be (by its very function and definition) authoritarian — with centralization of power, and distribution of values through those channels of power.

You have the ability to focus on solutions right now. One of the most powerful things you can do is to come together in small groups. It doesn’t matter what your current beliefs are or even how you see solutions. Come together in small groups and enter into sacred geometry of consciousness.

This is the power of group attention on creating outcomes, the power of group attention on healing each other. Take turns using the power of group attention to create loving outcomes for specific people or needs that are active in your life, or the life of someone else. Start local because this is where the leverage is.

As people do this we will see (what Divine Mother calls) veins of crystal through rock. We will see veins of small communities — whether your community right now is a one, or four, or 200. These communities will grow, like a clear vein of crystal, in both clarity and size. We will then see these veins begin to web together. We will see them intersect. And this is how human collective consciousness will shift. It will only shift through what is called grassroots activity. This is where it will shift.

We can have leaders. We can have spiritual teachers. We can have political figures that play roles and galvanize messages. But these messages are powerless without local activity. We think of this as political activity, but I actually mean spiritual consciousness activity. This is where we want to put attention.

What can you do?

Call four dear ones in your life (as soon as you finish listening to this) and say, “On Friday night I’d like us to come together for two hours. And I want us to meditate in a group and pray together.”

For many people, prayer might be a relic of a belief system they are no longer oriented to. But you can explain prayer as the orientation of intention. It is the bringing together of intention. And say, “When we come together — just run an experiment that for the next week — do you feel clearer and more connected to yourself?

You know my orientation. I understand prayer to be dialogue with both multidimensional creation — a very real interwoven reality with this dimension, and Divine Presence.

This prayer is a communication, not only with the structure of external reality, but with deeper values of your own being. And so it’s a very important practice in personal awakening. But to do it in groups, where you only focus on solutions (very brief discussion on the problem), you will find that you are directly participating in a state of consciousness and a level of consciousness that is liberation itself. The functions of human collective consciousness, the sense that it’s inescapable, you will have found the escape. It is through a healthier collective consciousness.

As human beings, we are unavoidably social. Our nervous systems are wired more like bees in a hive than like the idea that evolutionary biology points to (that we are separate, autonomous, self-interested creatures). To some degree, we are that also.

We are affected by collective consciousness. The secret is that you choose what collective consciousness you are most affected by.

So, try it. Participate. Minimize that participation in the resistance to ignorance. Recognize that it has its place, but it’s not your central power. Your central power is right here in your heart.

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