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Video – Forces of Nature Here to Support


There are three powerful forces of nature, that influence our consciousness and our physiology. These are human collective consciousness, Mother Earth, and Ascended Masters who are working to support us in the celestial realms.

Currently we live in a culture that is not oriented toward opening to the miraculous and understanding the nature of life. Even if we turn our awareness away from the ignorance of humanity, the unprecedented reality of billions of people on earth creates a powerful influence that affects us.

The Ascended Masters are available to support us. They are elders, teachers, and healers that come together in more refined vibrational realms. As great masters of human physiology and human consciousness, they create sacred spaces where we can receive healing and support. (Matthew’s Livecast gatherings and his Membership program are examples of these sacred spaces.)

Mother Earth is also a great force of nature that can profoundly influence our consciousness. Because our human physiology is a cell in her greater physiology, as her consciousness has evolved she has become a great resource for our own evolution.

All three of these powerful forces of nature affect us in various ways. And because the degree to which we are affected is co-creative, what we put our attention on grows. This is an invitation to spend time in the sacred spaces of the Ascended Masters and to consciously orient yourself with Mother Earth.

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